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I bring with me a unique blend of four decades of Leadership, Spirituality and Global best coaching practices derived from ICF (PCC) , NLP, CCL and TWP. Working with me will equip you with an end to end solutions of  all the challenges in your life with renewed energy and new mindset . I will help you uproot what is blocking your growth and cultivate a mind set of "Never say No" and be always in  solution space.

Learn to look at yourself with newer respect, with me You will learn to look within to look beyond.

Stress, Anxiety, Confusion, Cross roads in career, Low Self Esteem, Relationship, Health, Financial Challenges?
So what are you waiting for? Reach out to me and share your current challenges from any aspect of life.

Coaching - ICF (PCC), NLP Practitioner, CCL Coaching,  TWP Coaching, Crucial Conversation Practitioner, Dupont Trainer on Behavioral Based Safety
Spiritual - Pranic Healer, Transcendental  Meditation, Yoga Trainer, Vipassana (based on Buddha's teachings)

  A coach you trust, who makes you Deliver & reach your life Goal....... 


I have developed a keen interest in spirituality over the past four decades which helps me in improving my awareness towards self and others, in important step of coaching process. I am trained & regularly practice different forms of meditations & yoga which helps in improving intuition & managing thoughts and emotions during coaching.

I have been initiated in transcendental mediations, undergone three vipassana camps of ten days durations each , to gain deeper understanding of self based on Buddha’s teachings.

I am also a Pranic Healer for seven years & have been practicing yoga for past thirty years. Besides PCC from ICF, I have been trained & mentored in coaching approaches by by CCL & TWP. All these help me to gain deeper understanding about how the client perceives he world , help create awareness and move towards her life goals,  removing limiting beliefs without transference. I am a master practitioner of NLP and also a wellness and Health coach. I am engaged with leadership at different levels of large Units for mindset change.

 Academically, I am an Industrial Engineer from IIT (Roorkee), PGD from ICFAI and has undergone one year in-house leadership program Cutting Edge” designed by INSEAD and CCL. I am amongst select first few managers in India, trained as a trainer on Behavioural Based Safety (BBS) by DuPont. A TPM Instructor, Six Sigma Black Belt and certified Associate Value Analysis Specialist for Value Engineering, he is a senior assessor for both CII Sustainability and CII Axim Business Excellence awards. I have 36 years of leadership experience across functions and industries with progressive career growth from Industrial Engineer, to CXO, I have switched roles multiple times  between operations and support functions besides taking roles as Internal consultant working with leadership mindset change .



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Business Coaching

  • - Defining and co-creating Business Goals

    - Crating a structure  that delivers

    - 1:1 Coaching for 

      - Improving performance

      - Role Change

     - Bridgining Gaps in Leadership profile 

    - Brining Agility

    - Team coaching to drive results


  • Free Session #1
  • Zoom, Google Meet
  • 1h 00

Wellness and Health Coaching

  • - Help defining wellness and its dimensions

    - Identifying the Life goals for Wellness and Health  

     - The current status 

    - Partnering to develop smart action plans

    -  Coaching for change in mindset and belief system 

    - Celebrating success

  • Free Session #1
  • Zoom, Google Meet
  • 1h 00

Life Coaching

  • - Defining Life Goals

    - Present status

    - Co Creating inspiring life goals

    -  Working on  limiting beliefs to create new actions

    - Coaching for enhanced performance to deliver

    - Celebrating sucess

  • Free Session #1
  • Zoom, Google Meet
  • 1h 00

Executive Coaching

  • -Help identifying the Life goals 

     - Interactions with peers, Subordinates and Seniors

    - Making a great Impact

    - Career growth

  • Free Session #1
  • Zoom, Google Meet
  • 1h 00