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Coach | Mentor | Culture | Productivity | Habits & Happiness Mastery | Emotional Intelligence Coach | Design Happy Life

Life long Student of Psychology, Philosophy, People, World, Humanity. Curious to know all about...almost everything. Business & Life coach, Marathon Runner, A friend, living with soulmate, Happy!

I am on a personal life mission to make positive difference to the Happiness in the life of a Million people.
During 31+ years of management and leadership experience in customer service where people need to service people more than products, I have been fortunate to get innumerable opportunities to coach and mentor individuals and teams. It was possible with leveraging years of knowledge gathering and learnings from the field of Behavioural sciences , Management and leadership, Positive Psychology , Philosophy , Health and well being , Relationship Management.
I strongly believe that everyone has freedom to choose their personal philosophy , Beliefs & Values , dreams and aspirations with right to growth and happiness in life , while coexisting and collaborating with the people and environment to make this world a happier place .
I use structured approach to coaching by using tools and techniques from various fields of behavioral sciences with focus on principles of "Design Happy Life" and support in building it successfully.

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